Custom Automation Components Assembly Equipment

Automatically complete material feeding and assembling; such as wall switch bottom cover, the positive and negative terminal, ground terminal, wing panels, spring, spring fittings, buttons, terminal screws and other parts....

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Custom automation components assembly equipment



HongXie precision equipment co., LTD. specialized in all kinds of  customized automatic assembly machinein the field of socket/plug/switches , cooling fans , motors , rivetings machines and etc.


Our custom automation components assembly machine is a customized automation system. The video and pictures shown here is for connector. It can also be used for other home appliances parts assembly lines, like various switches, connectors, electrical motors, auto parts, components, computer accessories and other many industries.



Custom automation components assembly equipment 





1. One person one machine: automatic, no human power needed during normal operation. Only one worker needed to load the raw materials regularly.

2. There is no extra or requirement for raw materials. All designs are based on current materials.

3. All running data, including operation parameters, test result, production conditions are recordable and saved in hard disk with Excel format. The owners can get it on line if needed.

4. This machine is our hot selling product. All technology and designs have been well developed and verified. No risk at all.



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