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Our equipments:


Our company is fully equipped with various high quality machinery, which includes CNC milling machines, numerically controlled lathes, CNC production centers, drill & tapping machines, wire cut machines, wet grinding mills, welding machines and and other ancillary production equipment.


Mould making machines

 Thread-cutting machine

 Large hydro-static grinding machining

 Small grinding machining

 Miling machine,tower


 Electric Discharge Machine

 cutting machines

 Drilling machines,radial

Machining machines

 CNC machine

 Numerical-controlled Lathe

 Drilling & tapping machine



 Milling machines,vertical

Inspection equipments


 Pneumatic ID measuring head & counter gauge


 Altitude gauge

 Hardness Gauge

 Thread gauge

 Salt spray test machine

 Constant temperature and humidity machine

 Thermal Shock Test Chamber






Spare parts in higher quality based on OEM drawings, CNC MC machining in precise sizes, Surface fine and can be painted or electro polishing. OEM service available


We can make the samples according to customer’s samples or designs.Our designer team can      finish the samples timely, the exact sample delivery time depends on the sample’s style, usually in 10  working days. For New design samples, the buyers have to pay for the relative model fee.




Our products and profession team:






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insert parts, precision parts 


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