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Automated equipment manufacturing process
Nov 02, 2018

From the receipt of customer intentions to the final product delivery, automated machinery and equipment generally needs to be carried out from the following aspects: concept, draft, external review, detailed design and document review. The work content of each process is:

First, automation design

Definition: The process of obtaining all the necessary information for a mechanical design work.

Automation points:

1. The process requirements must be clarified.

2. It is necessary to clearly define the scope of design and job responsibilities.

3. There must be a drawing of all relevant artifacts or other files that can obtain this information.

4. It is best to be clear about the time and cost requirements of the task.

 5. Collect all other tasks as much as possible and keep a record

Second, the design of automated mechanical equipment:

Definition: The overall conceptual design of the machine tool is based on the requirements of the design inputs.

Automation program points:

1. Check if there is an overall general requirement

2. Detailed analysis and documentation of the process requirements of the equipment.

3. According to the process requirements, arrange the sequence of actions of the equipment and analyze the beat.

4. Divide the device into several modules with relatively independent functions to carry out component design.

5. Design as mature and stable as possible.

6. All kinds of applicable models can pass the equipment smoothly when all the parts are in the in-situ state.

Third, internal review:

Definition: Experts within the organization review and review the overall design of the preliminary design.

Key points:

1. Identify design defects as much as possible to avoid significant losses due to program errors.

2. Various revisions of internal experts need to be finalized by authoritative experts.

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