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How to improve the service life of the terminal machine
Nov 02, 2018

First, for the newly purchased terminal machine, if it is a novice operation, it is required that the novice must understand the safe operation specifications of the fully automatic terminal machine to prevent unnecessary loss due to improper operation during the novice operation. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the safety of the operation of the terminal machine. Safe operation of the terminal machine ensures safe operation.

Second, if the machine is abnormal during operation, first turn off the power supply, and promptly ask the mechanic to perform maintenance and debugging. Non-designated personnel are strictly prohibited to debug or disassemble the machine parts. Always turn off the power to the machine during maintenance and repair to prevent safety problems during maintenance.

Third, after cleaning the terminal machine after use, the operator must clean the machine every day in order to remove the dust and excess oil on the surface of the machine; when using the machine, if the terminal guide rail is found to be unlubricated, we can add 1-2 hours. Once the oil is lubricated, the oiling hole is at the top of the terminal machine. Do not add too much oil every time, 2-3 drops are suitable; at the same time, the main speed bearing of the terminal machine must be added with butter every week: maintenance during such use is the most important.

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