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How to improve the test Jig effect?
Nov 02, 2018

1. Before the test fixture is repeatedly installed and the first test is performed, the test needle of the fixture is moved up and down to confirm the manual inspection. The hidden needle with large frictional resistance is confirmed and exchanged in time to confirm the adjustment of the guide of the spring needle bed. The position of the pallet ensures the positional accuracy of the hole position and the spring needle of the needle bed.

2. Confirm the accuracy of the bottom template hole position that ensures the direct contact between the jig and the needle bed, whether there is a hole deviation or an external force damage of the hole, etc., causing the lowering template hole position to reduce the guiding precision of the stylus tail end, and finally forming a card. Needle hazard.

3. Improve the deviation of the precision of the outer layer graphics and the drilling position of the product, and control the main processing links of the overall expansion and contraction of the PCB board during the main manufacturing process. The data analysis of the relevant measurement is combined with the existing product processing equipment of the factory. The condition of the bit system is adjusted reasonably and proportionally to achieve an ideal matching ratio between the finished board and the test fixture, thereby improving the pass rate of the fixture.

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