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Influence of hardware processing technology on quality
Nov 02, 2018

What is hardware? The traditional hardware is metal in the fifth, and now hardware refers to the general term of metal. Hardware processing refers to all kinds of parts, hardware accessories and decorative accessories made from raw materials and raw materials through various unique processes or machines. What is the effect of hardware processing on the quality of hardware? Here are the following:

Hardware processing technology is divided into two kinds, cold processing and hot processing, cold processing is the hardware matrix organization has not changed the processing, including turning, milling, grinding, stamping, electroplating and other processes. On the contrary, hot processing is the process of changing the matrix structure. Casting, hot rolling, forging, welding, metal heat treatment and so on.

Different processes of hardware affect different aspects of the quality of hardware, for example, the processes that affect the internal structure and performance of hardware represented by die casting; the processes that affect the size represented by stamping; the processes that affect the appearance represented by polishing and electroplating; the automatic production processes represented by numerical control machine tools; and the flowing water. The assembly process represented by the line is the product inspection process represented by intelligent lock. Different processes have different effects on the quality of hardware processing. Therefore, the quality and quality of hardware products produced by professionals with more than ten years of experience will be stable.

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