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What are the functions of precision inspection Jig in actual production?
Nov 02, 2018

When the jig is used to machine the workpiece on the machine tool, in order to make the surface of the workpiece reach the technical requirements of the dimensions, geometric shapes and mutual positional accuracy of the other drawings, the workpiece must be assembled (positioned) and clamped before clamping. tight). The fixture usually consists of a positioning element (determining the correct position of the workpiece in the fixture), clamping device, tool guiding element (determining the relative position of the tool to the workpiece or guiding the tool direction), indexing device (making the workpiece in one installation) It can complete the processing of several stations, including rotary indexing device and linear moving indexing device, connecting components and clamp specific (clamp base).

In the mechanical design and manufacturing process of the jig, the dimensional chain problem is common. In the process of assembling parts into machines, that is, combining and accumulating the relevant dimensions on the parts. Due to the manufacturing error of the part size, there will be an integration and accumulation of errors during assembly. The total error formed after accumulation will affect the performance and quality of the machine. This creates an interaction between the dimensional error of the part and the integrated error. Design fixtures are no exception. It is important to reasonably determine the dimensional tolerances and geometric tolerances of the part. The quality of tooling design has a direct impact on production efficiency, processing cost, product quality and production safety. To this end, designing welding tools must consider practicality, economy, reliability, and artistry.

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