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What is industrial automation equipment?
Nov 02, 2018

Industrial automation equipment is the collective name of many automation products. The automation equipment automatically completes the task of the workflow according to the already set instructions or procedures without intervention. Automation equipment is widely used in manufacturing, food production lines, and electronic and electrical packaging production lines, and plays an important role in agriculture, logistics and other industries.

Equipment classification

Industrial automation equipment mainly includes two major categories: assembly line equipment and automation special machines:

Pipeline equipment: drum line, belt line, chain line, drying line, assembly line, differential chain line, plug-in line, assembly line, etc.;

Automated special machines: baking ovens, industrial ovens, drilling machines, riveting machines, hoists, transplanters, shrinking machines, etc.


1. Highly automated procedures without manual operation;

2. High work efficiency and improve production efficiency of the enterprise;

3. The production process of the whole process is stable and the consistency of the products is improved;

4, suitable for mass production, reducing the production costs of enterprises.

Equipment maintenance

1. Regularly check the power, gas source and hydraulic source of the equipment;

2. Regularly check whether the sensor of the device is offset from the original position;

3. Regularly check the flow control valve, pressure control valve and relay of the product equipment for any problems;

4. Do a good job in monthly inspection and annual inspection of equipment;

5. Always clean the equipment.

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