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Where are the advantages of precision metal processing?
Nov 02, 2018

1. Fine hardware axis CNC has high machining accuracy and stable machining quality.

2, multi coordinate linkage can be carried out to process parts with various shapes.

3. When the CNC parts of fine hardware are changed, only the NC program needs to be changed to save the production preparation time.

4. The machine tool itself has high precision and rigidity. It can choose advantageous processing amount and high yield (generally 3-5 times of the general machine tool).

5, machine tool automation is high, can reduce labor intensity;

CNC fine machining using short cutting tools is the main feature of fine hardware parts. Short cutters can significantly reduce tool deviation, and then achieve excellent surface quality, avoid rework, reduce the use of welding rods, and shorten the EDM processing time. When considering five-axis machining, it is necessary to consider the principle of using five-axis processing die: to finish the whole work piece with the shortest cutting material as far as possible, but also to reduce programming, clamping and processing time to obtain more perfect surface quality.

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