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Application And Maintenance Of Automation Equipments
Feb 25, 2019

The manufacture of non-standard automation equipment is not as simple as the general standard equipment. The manufacture and production of general standard equipment can be completed according to specific regulations and procedures.Non-standard equipment needs to be designed independently according to specific use place, industry characteristics and purpose. There is no specific reference model for the design of non-standard equipment.


The main application industries are:

  1. Manufacturing and installation of auto parts in the auto manufacturing industry;

  2. Production, transportation and packaging of food industry;

  3. Delivery of electronic and electrical products in the production line;

  4. Warehousing facilities in the logistics industry are also widely used;

  5. Application of assembly industry in processing and manufacturing industry.

Automation equipment

Maintenance criterion:

  1. Make reasonable maintenance quota according to the equipment instructions and improve the maintenance technical level;

  2. Check whether the temperature transmitter, pressure transmitter and electric control valve acceptance line become loose or fall off;

  3. Check whether the temperature transmitter is affected by moisture or water;

  4. Check and calibrate the electromagnetic flow meter.

With the continuous increase of labor cost, more and more enterprises pay attention to the field of factory automation, which also brings development opportunities to this industry. At the same time, improvement of service has become the priority of non-standard automation machinery industry. At present, there are a large number of non-standard automation and mechanization enterprises in China, but they are small in scale, backward in technology and homogeneous in competition.How to participate in the competition in this industry has become a challenge.

Generally speaking, small and medium-sized non-standard automation machinery enterprises are mostly facing with the three major challenges of capital, talent and market. Only when these three are well balanced can they survive and have the opportunity to sieze the opportunities that might appear in the market.So we must keep calm, hard work, always adhere to the credibility of the first, customer first, quality first business policy to serve every customer.Provide customers with integrated solutions from solutions, processing, assembly to debugging.From product conception → plan → modeling → drawing → processing → assembly → debugging, to provide customers with a set of solutions.

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