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Full Set Of Equipments For Precision Part Machining
Jan 09, 2019

HongXie is a company that specialize in precision part manufacture with advanced precision parts processing equipment and testing equipment. Advanced processing equipment makes it easier to process precision parts with higher precision and better effect. Testing equipment can detect the parts that do not meet the requirements, so that all the products sent to customers really meet the requirements.

Measurement are actually the most important problem of precision parts manufacturing, it must be in strict accordance with the additional drawings for processing, processing out of the actual size is certainly not the same as the theoretical size of the drawings, but, as long as the processing size within the allowable range of tolerance is qualified parts.

We can make many kinds of products in different materials, In addition, we can also make the products according to the customer's different requirements, to produce the parts that achieve customer satisfaction.

Part of our equipments and products list:

CNC  turning lathemilling/grinding  machinecenterless  grinder
drilling/boring/honing machineline  cuttingplaner
cnc turning motor partequipment accessories
laser cutting bicycle partradiator medical
central machinery parts wheelchair partscustom fabrication services
metal stamping recliner parts motorcycle parts

insert parts, precision parts

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