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How To Check The Quality Of Jig Products
Nov 02, 2018

The fixture is a very heavy production testing tool in the manufacturing industry. When choosing the fixture manufacturer, users should have their own choice, because the large-scale equipment has the same acceptance criteria, but its quality may be related to the quality of products in the future life. The fixture guarantees the quality of the product in production. It can guarantee the precision of the product and save a lot of inspectors. If the quality of the fixture is not good, the precision may be changed after reuse, so the products produced do not meet the requirements. Especially for a large-scale manufacturing enterprise, if the quality of the products is not satisfactory, the bad rate of the products will reach a certain degree, which will cause serious quality problems, which will bring danger to the enterprise. Therefore, manufacturing enterprises are very concerned about the quality of the fixtures. When choosing the fixtures processing factory, they must pay attention to the quality. Related technical capabilities of enterprises.

The quality requirements of jig are as follows:

(1) By means of bolt fastening and pin positioning, adjusting and assembling fixtures, the size of a component can be easily grinded. It can also use adjusting washer, adjusting gasket or adjusting sleeve between components to control assembly size, compensate for the errors of other components and improve the accuracy of fixture.

(2) the fixture design scheme follows the priority selection principle of manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and servo.

(3) tooling fixtures should have sufficient strength and stiffness to ensure that products can be reused.

(4) Direct contact with the workpiece, and strictly determine the position and shape of the workpiece, mainly including joint positioning parts, V-shaped blocks, positioning pins and other positioning elements, to detect the size tolerance between the components of the clamping device.

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