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Teach You How To Choose Tungsten Steel Fittings?
Nov 02, 2018

1. Parts update can be exchanged: After a period of time, when the supplier's planning changes, you should be able to replace the previous version in time.

2. Commodity technical support: Can suppliers directly communicate and supply goods online?

3, quality stability and traceability: your suppliers should have a record of quality and stability, and can trace any goods they produce.

4. Tungsten steel fittings compatibility: Ensure that the tungsten steel fittings you purchase are compatible with other parts in the machine or are easy to operate in mechanical production.

5, the device is abbreviated and recommended to prevent maintenance: check whether there is a simple device description. Where applicable, the packaged goods should also be marked with a preventive maintenance process such as cleaning, smoothing and replacement.

6. ISO certification: This guarantees the quality, traceability and useful documentation of tungsten steel fittings in all ordering and assembly processes.

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