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What Are The Classifications Of Jig?
Nov 02, 2018

There are many functions of jigs. At present, there are also applications in various industries. Recently, many friends have problems like the classification of small-sized consulting jigs. According to incomplete statistics, most of the friends do not know the classification of jigs, so Organize relevant information for your reference.

Classification of jig: jig are mainly divided into project test jig, circuit board test jig, and process assembly jig.

1. Project test jig: including packaging test jig, environmental test jig, shielding test jig, sound insulation test jig, life test jig, optical test jig, etc.

2, circuit board test jig: including ICT test jig, FCT function jig, SMT furnace jig, BGA test jig and so on.

3. Process assembly jig: mainly include assembly jig, welding jig, dispensing jig, irradiation jig, adjustment jig, disintegration jig, and shear jig.

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