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What Causes The Contact Of The Terminal Machine To Be Poor?
Nov 02, 2018

For machines, poor contact has always been one of the main causes of failure, ranging from mobile phones to computers, to terminal machines, or to aviation equipment. Dongguan automatic terminal machine

For the computer, the most troublesome contact failure is the memory stick, and for the terminal machine, the most bad contact is the metal conductor inside the terminal, which is the core zero of the terminal, it will come from the external wire or cable. The voltage, current or signal is transmitted to the contacts corresponding to the mating connector. Because of its importance, we have a very high demand for it, which requires stable and reliable contact and good electrical conductivity. Dongguan terminal machine manufacturers

So, what factors can cause contact contact failure?

In fact, this is also a relatively common factor, such as the processing dimensions of the ultra-difference, such as the surface treatment of heat treatment and plating, the unreasonable process, the storage environment is bad, the improper use of the operation, as above, all have the ability to make the terminal machine Poor contact due to contact and mating parts of the contact!

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