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What Is The Main Role Of The Jig?
Nov 02, 2018

Maybe everyone has heard of fixtures, including fixtures, functional fixtures, ict test fixtures, etc., but the main role of the fixture is that there may be many friends who are not clear.

Jigs have been widely used for a long time, including woodworking fixtures, welding fixtures, mechanical fixtures, jewelry fixtures and other fields. Many people also refer to fixtures as "mold" or "accessory". The main purpose is to repeat the reproduction of a part for repeatability and accuracy. For example, when we usually assign a key, the original key is usually fixed to the fixture, so that the machine can copy the new key by guiding the appearance of the original key.

There are many fixtures that arise because of the need for business because there are many types of fixtures that are customized, and some to increase productivity, repeat specific actions, or make work more precise. Because the design of the fixture is basically based on logic, similar fixtures may be generated separately for use at different times and locations.

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